Lotus Catering


''During the British Raj in India with the merging of two cultures- British and Indian- both tastes in food were exchanged too. The British soon enjoyed the tantalising taste of Indian flavours and infinite variety of vegetables and exotic dishes that were created for them to savour. Soon ships loaded with these spices were being shipped home to the British. Even British cooks who had travelled to India to cook in the 'Officers Mess', were incorporating these spices into British dishes such as roasts and stew. My father was one of those samplers.
Over a period of time, during India's struggle for independence, several British Officers like my father fell in love with the culture of India and the local women. My mother is of a Portuguese Indian background, which meant her family was a result of thousands of slaves who were picked up by the various belligerent western countries, who had run short of food supplies on their extensive voyages on board. This forced them to offload their human cargo of slaves onto the various islands they passed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
My mother’s ancestors were one of the families unloaded on to the Island of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. Her family over the years migrated due to employment opportunities within the mainland of India. This is where she met my father, an Officer in the British Army. We were then considered Anglo-Indians. With us came our own specialised creations in food and tastes; a Euro-Asian taste.
My recipes have been handed down to me by my ancestors and are unique to our community. Our friends and family have insisted I put my culinary skills and unique dishes to market, as they love the authenticity and flavours of my cooking.''   Paul Taylor.